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Brahmi Day Moisturiser with white mushroom extract

Brahmi extract enhances the skin’s complexion by aiding cell renewal and regeneration. It is known to treat eczema. The snow

Conditioner and Tonic for Hair Loss

A tonic that nourishes the hair follicles, visually reduces hair loss and reduced frizz! Intense damage repair Argan Hair Conditioner and tonic with quinoa and wheat proteins! Infused in bergamot and lemon essential oils! 100ml Product Highlights
  • Handmade product.
  • Materials: Wheat protein, quinoa protein, argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin B5
  • Volume: 100 millilitres

Day and Night Skincare Combo Pack

Total skin care with free shipping! 3 jars of 50ml for hands and face! All in one pack!
  • 01 unit of Intense Hand Cream = 50ml
  • 01 unit of Day moisturizing face cream - 50ml
  • 01 unit of Bakuchi oil Night facial cream - 50ml

Day Moisturising Cream with anti aging Eco Algae Extract

A daily moisturiser that acts as an emolient without being sticky or oily. It works on brightening the complexion and removing fine wrinkles by plumping the skin with eco algae extract. Eco algae is grown in laboratories. It a  potent antioxidant that increases Collagen production to remove fine wrinkles; infused in  rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood oils! The sandal wood oil used in this product is the Mysore sandal wood oil from India.

Free Trial Samples

It is highly advisable to familiarize yourself with the ingredients listed in our product section in order to determine the specific needs and preferences of your skin. Prior to making a purchase, we encourage you to try out samples of our products, which are provided free of charge. Please note that shipping fees of £2.99 applies.

The package includes -

  • 1x Day Moisturizing Cream (5ml)
  • 1x Rejuvenating Night Cream (5ml)
  • 1x Intense Hand Cream (5ml)

Gloímoí Intense Hand Cream

Soft as baby skin on the first application! For dry hands and feet! Lasts for months with high concentration of natural butters and oils. Highlights 
  • Handmade Product
  • Large percentage of oils and butters.
  • Acts as an emollient and a moisturizer.

Rejuvenating Night Face Cream

Bakuchiol, the natural retinol in the Rejuvenating Night Cream! Infused in sea buckthorn oil, rose and ylang ylang oils relax you in Sleep!

Rose Glow Serum

20% hyaluronic acid Rose Glow Serum for hydration with vitamin C and niacinamide for a brighter complexion! Key Highlights
  • Handmade Product
  • Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, rose essences
  • Volume : 30ml

Skin & Haircare Combo Pack

Total Skin & Hair care with free shipping! 5 products of 50ml for hands, face and hair! All in one pack! Buy now to get free shipping. Pamper yourself with our range of products! A 24 hour complete range for face, hands and hair! Good quality and long lasting products. All you need for only £70!