Gloímoí ('gloi'. moi') Skin Care

(Our brand name Gloimoi is derived from the word 'Glow' for glowing skin.}

These passion driven handmade products have taken over five years of research to perfect their efficacy and skin feel to bring about the amazing benefits to the skin.

Our goal is to help women all over the world to have a baby soft, clear and glowing skin that they can be proud of.

Gloímoí Skin Care products are hydrating, moisturizing and anti aging. We have face creams for all types of skin types from dry oily & combination skin.

All our products are hand made, with high concentration of natural ingredients that ensure great results. By incorporating these natural elements, we ensure that our products are gentle and nurturing for your skin.

Free from parabens, oxybenzone, DEA’s, TEA’s or mineral oils. Every product is manufactured under strict quality controls with 90% to 99% Natural. The entire manufacturing process follows rigorous guidelines.

Highest quality ingredients are used in all our products. Our suppliers, Aromantics and Skinchakra take pride in the ethically sourced natural ingredients and their expert information for natural cosmetics.

Our Best Selling Products

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